Want to Become a Cookbook Author for a Good Cause?
Contribute to the Merritt S.O.U.L. Community Cookbook!

We’re creating a true community cookbook by including favorite recipes by all who participate in Merritt S.O.U.L. in any way–from shoppers to volunteers to just being part of the Merritt community. You’ll have your name next to your recipe and thus become an instant cookbook author! And best of all you’ll be sharing your recipe with the entire community!

What We’re Looking For…
We hope to have a cookbook that will include easy, healthy, low-cost recipes using produce that we have available at Merritt S.O.U.L. throughout the year (see list HERE). The guidelines aren’t strict. Just to be mindful that the ingredients should be available and common to our diverse socioeconomic population.

1. Easy – The recipe should not have too many ingredients that will take too long to prepare or require lots of cooking skills.

2. Healthy – Of course using the produce from S.O.U.L. is a good start! From there, use what you like but just stay away from ingredients with lots of fat content, like heavy creams or too much sugar.

3. Low-Cost – Be aware of ingredient costs. Along with the free produce, watch for items that aren’t extravagantly priced, like fancy cheeses or unusual spices.

Make Your Recipe Your Own!
Besides your name next to your recipe, let us know something about it. Where did it come from, a family recipe? Any tips to offer when making it? Any suggestion for what to serve it with? We’ll print your brief comments, up to two (short) sentences.

How to Submit Your Recipe
Ideally we’d like your recipe(s) in a typed format in a Word document that we can work with to format for the cookbook. But if you are not able to do that, we’ll take it however you have it as long as it’s legible, from internet-copied recipe to handwritten, and we’ll retype it. Send to Susana Abdurahman at sabdurahman@peralta.edu. We look forward to your contributions!