Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning: This class focuses on andragogical theory, creating student-centered assignments, effective forum questions, basic quzzes and using some fun cloud-based tools, such as Vokis and Diigo. This course is typically offered in the summer session.

 EDT 2

Introduction to Moodle:  this class is all about using Moodle to create an online class.  This class is offered in Fall Semester

Introduction to Hybrid Teaching:  This course is about creating a hybrid class, deciding what to put online, and what to deliver face-to-face, and gathering content and media for your hybrid course.  This class is offered in fall semester

Creating Content for Online Teaching: This course will help you to build content for your online course in depth. This class is taught in spring semester

Developing Multi-media for Online Classes:  This course will assist you in learning create videos, podcasts and other Web 2.0 tools for your online courses.  This class is taught in spring semester.

Providing Feedback for Online Learners: This course will give you the tools you need to be an online faciliator and provide the support your students need as they learn online.  This class is offered during summer session.

These courses are taught by Alexis Alexander (aalexander@peralta.edu)