Community Social Services / Substance Abuse (COSER) – Chair Biancca Parazo

The Community Social Services program is designed to prepare students for employment in entry-level professional positions in the social services, as well as some of the other human services. The Substance Abuse program is designed to prepare students for employment in entry-level paraprofessional positions providing counseling, case management, crisis management, and relapse prevention services to substance abuse clients. Both programs also prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions, offer further training for persons already employed, or provide students the opportunity to explore for vocational choice. The Substance Abuse program requirements comply with CAADE (California Association on Alcohol and Drug Education) guidelines.

The major in this program, Community Social Services Substance Abuse is offered as an Associate’s Degree and the Certificate of Achievement. To qualify for the AA degree students must satisfactorily complete the Major course requirements and the General Education requirements. A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the Major course requirements. Both the Associate’s Degree and the Certificate of Achievement meet the formal education requirements for those seeking to become a California Certified Substance Use Disorder Counselor.


Degree Major/Certificate of Achievement Requirements:

Dept/No. Title Units
COSER 21 Psychology/Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse 3-4
COSER 29 Working with Diverse Populations 3
COSER 476C Cooperative Education (Internship) 3
COSER 42 Counseling Skills and Substance Abuse 3
Subtotal: 12-13
COSER 16B Communication: Families in Crisis 3
COSER 20 Group Dynamics: Working with Small Groups 2-3
COSER 27 Crisis Management for Substance Abuse 3
COSER 476C Cooperative Education (Internship) 3
PE 9 Body Conditioning .5
COSER 10 Community Resources and Social Policy 3
COSER 26 Case Management for Substance Abuse Paraprofessionals 3
COSER 28 Dual Diagnosis: Mental Illness and Drug Abuse 3
COSER 476C Cooperative Education (Internship) 3
Subtotal: 12
COSER 22 Social Psychology of Substance/Drug Abuse 3
COSER 25 Maintaining Sobriety and Relapse Prevention 3
ENGL 1A  Composition and Reading 4
HLTED 1                 Exploring Health Issues                                                                                                3
PE 9 Body Conditioning .5
Subtotal: 13.5
Total Required Units:  49-51

Engl 1A is required for transfer and for the Associate degree.