The Council of Department Chairs & Program Directors (CDCPD) is an advisory body to both the Merritt Academic Senate and the Vice President of Instruction on all matters relating to instruction.


  1. To review and make recommendations on all instructional matters, (including but not limited to faculty positions and priorities, scheduling, departmental and budget allocations).
  2. To periodically review assessment and placement criteria and make recommendations (in consultation with the Assessment Coordinator).
  3. To review and recommend changes in general education and graduation
  4. To recommend procedures and policies affecting

Membership (25 voting members)

  1. All Instructional Department Chairs (Arts/Communication, Athletics/Kinesiology, English/Humanities, Ethnic Studies, Child Development, Community Social Services, Education Technology, Learning Resources, Social Sciences, Biology/Chemistry, Landscape Horticulture, Math/Physical Sciences, Technology, Business, Legal Administration)
  2. Counseling Dept. Chair
  3. Assessment Coordinator (ex-officio; non-voting)
  4. Library Chair
  5. D. Nursing Program Director
  6. RAD TECH Program Director
  7. Nutrition & Dietetics Program Director
  8. Medical Assisting Program Director
  9. Health Services Coordinator/Director
  10. Fire Science Program Director
  11. Natural History & Sustainability Program Director
  12. Biosciences Program Director
  13. Instructional and Student Services Deans, Vice President of Instruction, and Academic Senate President are non-voting, ex-officio

Appointments, Vacancies & Election of Chairperson

  1. In accordance with the PFT Contract, Department Chairs and Program Directors are selected annually. The term of office shall be from July 1 through June
  2. If a voting member has to be absent for a particular meeting, he/she shall appoint a duly authorized faculty alternate from his/her department to attend that meeting. The faculty alternate shall have voting privileges for that meeting only. The authorization must be in writing and must be presented to the CDCPD Chairperson at the beginning of the meeting. No Department may appoint an alternate for more than two (2) meetings per academic
  3. Each year the CDCPD will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair from among its faculty No person may serve more than three consecutive terms as Chairperson unless authorized by the Merritt Academic Senate.

Chairperson Duties 

The role of the faculty chair includes the following:

  1. Prepare
  2. Conduct the Council
  3. Edit
  4. Set the calendar of Council meetings (in consultation with the VP of Instruction).
  5. Keep informed of instructional standards and
  6. Assist VP of Instruction with the orientation of new CDCPD members at the beginning of the academic year and with on-going training of continuing CDCPD
  7. Ensure that Council functions take place smoothly, and appoint (as needed) ad hoc committees to further the work of the


  1. Regular meetings will be held at least once a month during the regular academic If a holiday falls on that day, the meeting will be rescheduled. The CDCPD Chairperson or the VP of Instruction may call extra meetings if special needs require them.
  2. A quorum will be 50% of the active voting members. A quorum must be present in order for the CDCPD to conduct
  3. The CDCPD Chairperson, in consultation with the Vice President of Instruction, will determine the agenda for each Materials for the agenda must be submitted to the Chairperson at least four (4) working days prior to the meeting.
  4. The agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, and pertinent materials will be distributed to the following parties at least two (2) working days preceding a scheduled meeting:
    • CDCPD Members
    • College President
    • Vice President of Student Services
    • Merritt Library
    • Merritt Website
    • Other campus communication system
  5. Individuals with business before the CDCPD are expected to first present issues to their departments for their consideration and recommendations as agenda items to the
  6. Individuals having business before the CDCPD also are encouraged to be present, or to send a knowledgeable representative, when that business is on the
  7. When considering a recommendation, the CDCPD may vote to approve, to table, or to refer the recommendation back to the originator with instructions to
  8. At the first meeting of the Merritt Academic Senate following each CDCPD meeting, the CDCPD Chairperson (or his/her designee) will present to the Senate, in person and in writing, a report of all official actions taken by the
  9. Absent notification by the Academic Senate President of any CDCPD actions withheld by the Senate, the CDCPD Chairperson will forward to the Vice President of Instruction all recommendations that require approval of the Office of
  10. Actions withheld by the Senate will not be forwarded to the Vice President of Instruction. They may be disposed of by the Senate, or referred back to the
  11. Actions not approved by the Vice President of Instruction will be returned, prior to the next CDCPD meeting, to the CDCPD Chairperson and the Academic Senate President with a written rationale in an effort to reach a
  12. Actions adopted by the CDCPD that are not withheld by the Senate and are approved by the Vice President of Instruction will be forwarded to the College
  13. The CDCPD will receive on a regular basis a progress report from the Vice President of Instruction on the strengths and weaknesses of the Merritt instructional program. The report shall include the disposition of all matters recently approved by the
  14. A secretary will be provided by the Office of Instruction to record and distribute minutes and other pertinent



Amendments to these by-laws may be made upon mutual agreement between the College President and the Merritt Academic Senate.

* Approved by the College Council 11/17/10

* Approved by CDCPD 11/04/20