NextUp Community Partners:

John Burton Advocates for Youth

We help foster youth across the state achieve their higher education goals and move on to fulfilling careers by engaging institutions to work together, sharing best practices, and advocating for policies that support foster youth in higher education. We aim to reduce homelessness among current and former foster youth in California by constantly working to improve access to safe, affordable, and supportive housing through the development of policy and technical assistance. We work through advocacy, collaboration, and training to ensure that all foster youth in care have access to the necessary physical and mental health services that are vital to their well-being and success.


Beyond Emancipation

Since our inception in 1995, we have grown from a small auxiliary of the County’s Independent Living Skills Program to an independent nonprofit organization serving nearly 1,000 youth each year.

B:E provides a range of supportive programs designed to help former foster and probation youth overcome their challenges, mitigate risks, and make healthy, successful transitions to adulthood and independent living.