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Tobacco-less Club

Click HERE to see Marlene Hurd’s opinion article in the Oakland Post, April 4: “Why Oakland Needs a Smoke-Free, Multi-Unit Housing Policy.” 

The Awards for the Art Contest will be presented at Student Appreciation Day on April 24, from 11:30-3 p.m. in the Student Lounge. 

The Fresh Air Art Contest deadline has been extended to Friday, March 31. Get your entry in now!

For details, CLICK HERE. 

Merritt College Tobacco-Less Club is a student organization supported by the Truth Initiative, 2015-2016 Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Community College Grant Initiative. The club receives additional support from the Tobacco Free Generation Campus Initiative grant program, American Cancer Society’s Tobacco-Free Generation Campus Initiative (TFGCI) and by the (CVS Foundation). We aim to promote a smoke-free environment and healthy life-styles throughout the school area.