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At Merritt College, we recognize that college is about more than just academics. That’s why we provide our students with an expanding list of activities and organizations that allow them to grow inside and outside the classroom.

Choose something that fits your interests. Grow your leadership skills in the Associated Students of Merritt College. Join one of the more than 10 clubs offered, from the Black Student Union to the Altazor Transfer Club to the Horticulture Club, or create one of your own. Cheer on a sports team—or, better yet, join one! Get tutoring in the Learning Center and ace your classes!

Participating in activities can enhance your college experience by allowing you to explore new hobbies and interests while making lifelong friends!


Student identification cards and update semester stickers are available by appointment only. The cost of replacing ID cards is $5 (in cash).  To schedule an appointment email and

To schedule an appointment, please email, and include your student ID number and mailing address. If we already have a picture of you in the system, your student ID will be mailed to you. If you are a new student, we will contact you to schedule an in-person appointment. 

Need Assistance?
The Office of Student Activities and Campus Life is available via zoom on the following dates and times:

Mondays 10am-12pm
Tuesdays 2 pm-4 pm
Wednesdays 10 am-12 pm
Thursdays 2 pm-4 pm

All Virtual Office Hours can be accessed by clicking
HERE on the scheduled date and times.