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Summer semester is approaching! Apply and enroll online for Summer and/or Fall 2017.  Merritt College Real Estate continuing students register now with priority enrollment. New and returning students start registering for Summer and Fall on May 15.  Classes start date for Summer 2017 is June 19, 2017.  Fall classes start August 21, 2017.  

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Merritt College • Summer 2017 REAL ESTATE Class Schedule

Merritt College • Fall 2017 REAL ESTATE Class Schedule

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The major in Real Estate provides excellent preparation for the broker’s or salesperson’s license and contributes to efficiency in many related professions. In addition, the courses provide important information and training for professionals interested in investing in real estate, including those in government working with real property. The program not only has all the courses for salesperson/broker licensing, but also all the classes you need to take the state exam to become a state-licensed trainee appraiser. Most of all, career paths include developers, appraisers, title officers, property managers, and mortgage brokers and bankers.


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