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Ubuntu Leadership Academy

Ubuntu Leadership Academy






The Ubuntu Leadership Academy offers a six-week summer college prep program, beginning in June of 2018, uniquely designed for males of African ancestry in high school, specifically those in 11th and 12th grade. Through a rigorous African and student centered learning environment, the Ubuntu Leadership Academy aims to provide students with means to attain personal growth and success with an emphasis on college matriculation and collegiate achievement.

The Leadership Academy seeks to engage and focus on forty male students who are open to academic coaching and leadership development. Students willing to embrace the challenge and welcome the opportunity will embark on a valuable life changing experience.

Program Dates

June 18th- July 26th

Orientation Dates 
May 16th 6:30pm Merritt College, Building A room 206

June 11th 6:30pm Merritt College, Building A room 206

 Program Video

Contact Person
Jason Seals
Director of the Ubuntu Leadership Academy