The Africana Studies Community Research Center has two central objectives:

One, we have four interactive learning modules of museum quality where students engage with supplemental course materials through visual, touch screen, and e-portfolio lessons on iPods. The modules for the center are multilayered and highly visual and kinesthetic. They are also ADA compliant and Spanish bi-lingual to ensure access. The modules are for educational purposes and include assessment that impacts the grade of the student. Every African American Studies course and instructor links their curriculum and assessment to the modules.

Two, the center houses and collects local African American historical documents on the Black Panther Party, post World War II Black migration, unions, arts and culture and other areas. This aspect of the center involves students in that African American Studies majors and interested students are trained in historical preservation processes including archiving, scanning, and interviewing methods for individual and family histories.

Students will be able to receive transferable credit and certification for this work and their projects will become a permanent part of the collection. Our Center is open to scheduled high school class visits, community organizations, and youth groups.

Overview of the Africana Center


Demo of the Africana Curriculum