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Jody Campbell

Jody Campbell is currently a Lecturer at Merritt Community College and Solano Community College. He has been teaching in the Peralta Community College District for over nine years. Jody is a graduate of Laney Community College.  He earned his undergraduate degree in African-American Studies and Sociology from the University of California, Davis.  He holds an MA in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latin Studies from San Francisco State University. Prior to entering San Francisco State, Jody traveled to the University of West Indies in Trinidad and the University of Havana in Cuba, where he spent two semesters studying African Diasporic communities in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Jody began his teaching career at Laney College through the Peralta Faculty Diversity Internship Program. For six years he taught at Laney College in the African-American Studies Department and served as an advisor to the Laney College Black Student Union.  For the last three years, Jody has been teaching African American Studies at Alameda and Merritt College, as well as Oakland Tech High School and Madison Park Academy through the Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Prior to teaching, Jody served five years as a social worker for Families First, where he actively worked with African-American foster families in Alameda and Solano County.  When he is not teaching, Jody enjoys traveling with his family to the Caribbean and Latin America.