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Ashley D. Aaron


Ashley D. Aaron is an Adjunct Professor at Merritt College in the Department of Africana Studies. She obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Mills College and San Francisco State University in the History of the Americas and Ethnic Studies, respectively. In addition to working in high education, she has worked as a Teacher, Program Coordinator, and Youth Development facilitator with youth in Oakland, Richmond, and San Francisco, CA.

Her research and teaching interests include Global Black liberation movements, the development and manifestation of racism in the Americas, Identity construction in the African diaspora, the legacy of Black women’s resistance to state-sanctioned anti-Black violence, and the histories and experiences of peoples of color in the U.S.

As an educator and lifelong learner, she believes education should be a space of liberation, empowerment and personal and societal transformation.

She also lectures at San Francisco State University and Contra Costa College.