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African-American Studies

African-American Studies Chair Jason Seals has been an instructor at Merritt for nearly 10 years.To find out more about his background and his passion for teaching, click HERE.

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The focus of African-American Studies (AFRAM)  is to assist students on a path of consciousness that ultimately leads to improving their lives and family and liberating our communities. The primary goals and objectives of the program are consistent with and enhance the overall Merritt College mission and has consistently sought to help community college students develop factual information, tools of analysis, and favorable attitudes toward the African-American struggle and the liberation of African people from powerlessness, poverty and racism. Career paths comprise the same opportunities as any other humanities and social science degree — but with a knowledge of self and a commitment to community empowerment: scientists, business owners, nurses, medical professionals, corporate employees, artists, lawyers, politicians, community activist, psychologists, inventors, teachers, writers and many other fields.

(See the African-American Studies program highlighted in a video featuring interviews with former AFRAM Chair and faculty member Dr. Siri Brown and faculty member Danae Martinez, and students.)


African-American Studies Degrees