The purpose of the Student Success and Equity Committee is to oversee and coordinate the review, implementation, and evaluation of the College’s Student Success and Equity Integrated Plan (SSEIP) comprising the efforts of SSSP, SEP, and Basic Skills. In addition, this committee serves as a resource to promote student success through the collaborative efforts of instruction and student services.



The Student Success and Equity Committee will make recommendations to the College Council regarding SSE Integrated Plan, to include:

  • Processes for requesting SSE Integrated Plan resources.
  • Reviewing budget and expenditure of funds from the SSE Integrated Plan initiatives
  • Assessment of the College’s progress toward achieving SSE Integrated Plan goals
  • Providing input information for reporting on SSSP/SEP/and BSI
  • Raise awareness of the intent and purpose of SSE Integrated Plan goals and funding guidelines
  • Identify ways of leveraging resources to meet the Student Success goals.



  • Three (3) faculty representatives, from different instructional areas; to include BS/ESL, Career education, and E., appointed by the Merritt Academic Senate.
  • SSSP coordinator and one representative from SAS, appointed by the Merritt Academic
  • Two (2) classified representatives from areas such as A&R, Assessment, Orientation, Outreach, and the
  • Transfer Center appointed by the Classified
  • One (1) student selected by the Associated Students of Merritt College

As explained, due to their position should be voting members, Ex-Officio: Vice President of Instruction and Vice President of Student Services, or designee(s), in addition to the Campus Researcher, as voting members.



One administrative co-chair appointed by the College President and one faculty co-chair elected by the committee.



Second Thursday of each month, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (date subject to change)



  1. During March of each year, the SSEC chairperson will inform the President of the appropriate college constituency of any vacancies for the following semester within their respective areas. Appointments to fill those vacancies will be forwarded to the SSEC chair by March 30.
  2. If an appointed position becomes vacant during the regular school year, or an appointee becomes inactive (missing more than three meetings in one semester), the SSEC chairperson will notify the appropriate college constituency President within two weeks who will appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term of the original appointee and will notify the chairpersons within one week of appointment.
  3. The terms of all regularly appointed members will begin with the first regular meeting of the fall semester. The terms for members appointed to fill vacancies during the year will begin with the next regular meeting.