Want to know more about Merritt?

The best way to discover what makes Merritt College a top choice to enroll is to experience a virtual information session with the outreach and recruitment team. Through a zoom platform meeting, you will learn about Merritt College, and what makes it an ideal place for students to fulfill their educational goals.

Learn about:

  • The enrollment processes
  • Admissions & Records
  • Financial Aid Application
  • Counseling
  • Career Education Programs: Medical Assisting, Cyber Security, Child Development, Business, Radiology, EMT/Fire Science, and much more.
  • Student Activities: Student government, Study Abroad opportunities, student employment.
  • Student Services: Resources, support services,
  • Campus Life: Student clubs, Internships, tutoring,

To schedule, a zoom meeting contact Maria Spencer at Outreach.merritt@peralta.edu

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Date: Nov 4, 2021 07:06 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Community partnerships

Let’s welcome this new partner to the Merritt family Ms. Felicia Harris Executive Director and Founder. 


Black Girls in Blazers Inc.

Black Girls in Blazers was formed on the premise that Black girls should look and feel good about themselves all the time. We are committed to serving those who are cut from an unprivileged fabric.

The purpose of “Black Girls In Blazers Inc”

We do this because we’ve been there.  Black girls are often viewed as being aggressive, loud, angry, adult-like and more.  This doesn’t include the racial and gender inequalities they are challenged with.  Our dedicated sisterhood is here to help not just while they are young, but for a lifetime.  As Black women we can provide that sense of belonging that is so often ignored.  We encourage parents, teachers, and those who value our Black girls to support our organization. Together we will change the narrative




日期: 星期二,2022726

时间: 上午11下午3

地点: The Fruitvale Transit Village Plaza

3301 East 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94601

星期二,8月11日 东奥克兰区 (另行通知)

星期五,99 西奥克兰区 (另行通知)

⮚ 帮助申请入学及高等教育,

⮚ 新冠检测, 医疗/心理健康/牙科服务,

⮚ 住房援助,及租金补助计划

⮚ 法律服务, 理财咨询, 移民服务,

⮚ 儿童托管, 就业培训项目及更多…


Germaine Davis, gdavis@oaklandpic.org

Maria Spencer, mspencer@peralta.edu


Recursos para la comunidad

Sesiones de inscripción

Cuando: Martes, 26 de Julio, 2022

Hora: 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Lugar: The Fruitvale Transit Village Plaza

3301 East 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94601

Jueves, 11 de Agosto – Este de Oakland (por determinar)

Viernes, 9 de Septiembre – Oeste de Oakland (por determinar)

⮚ Reciba ayuda para registrarse a la escuela o educacion superior

⮚ Pruebas de Covid, Salud/Salud Mental & Servicio Dental,

⮚ Programas de Vivienda & Asistencia para la Renta,

⮚ Servicios Legales, Educación Financiera, Servicios de Immigración,

⮚ Información de Cuidado de Niños, Programas de Empleo y Entrenamiento y mas……..

Para mas información llame o mande un correo electronico –

Germaine Davis, gdavis@oaklandpic.org o Maria Spencer, mspencer@peralta.edu