Information Security Analyst

Current Company: Contra Costa Health

Interview: 10/01/2021

What skills or information did you pick up in the program that has proven useful in your work?

I am grateful for all the professors at Merritt College who helped my study along the way. The cybersecurity field is a fast changing field. The skill/information you learn today might be very different a year from now. My takeaway is to keep involved in the community like Merritt College cybersecurity program and networking with others, get up-to-date relevant information through study and through field professionals.

Are there any resources you would recommend to students that supplement the program well (e.g. udemy)? 

I would recommend trying TryHackMe, udemy for cybersecurity skills. You can do it at your own pace and keep advance on the path you chosen along the way. Udemy has free course sometimes, so keep an eye out for those announcements (LinkedIn is a great place to find those deals!). I also highly recommend SAN Institute. They have Cybersecurity program at 100% scholarship. I am in the Diversity Workforce Academy – California program at SANS right now and I learn a lot from this program. 

Are there any other organizations or groups that you are involved in that you felt was helpful/supportive?

Day of Shecurity, WiCyS, Cyversity, OWASP, SANS, RSA, BSides, ISLF