LIS 85
Introduction to Information Resources
2 units, 2 hours lecture (GR or P/NP)
Recommended preparation: ENGL 201A, ENGL 264A, or appropriate placement through multiple-measures assessment process; and CIS 1, CIS 200, CIS 205, or BUS 219
Acceptable for credit: CSU, UC
Introduction to the basic concepts and tools used in information research: Emphasis on how to develop a research topic and find, locate, eval- uate, and use information; search strategies for print and online resources including reference books, catalogs, indexes, specialized databases, and the Internet. 1699.00
AA/AS Area 4c; CSU Area E


LIS 511
Research Skills I
0 units, .115 hour lecture (P/NP or SP)
Introduction to research: Information literacy skills, research process, topic selection and development, and overview of appropriate infor- mation sources. 4930.14

LIS 512
Research Skills II
0 units, .115 hour lecture (P/NP or SP)
Prerequisite: LIS 511
Continuation of LIS 511: Identifying search terms, locating information sources, and evaluating information sources. 4930.14

LIS 513
Research Skills III
0 units, .115 hour lecture (P/NP or SP)
Prerequisites: LIS 511 and LIS 512
Continuation of LIS 512: Presenting research and data, citations, and academic integrity. 4930.14