Merritt Landscape Horticulture Wins Landscaping Award for Tiny House Collaboration with Laney College

A crew from Merritt College Landscape Horticulture department answered a collaboration request from the Laney College Construction department and worked with their team on the landscaping feature for their entry in the October 2016 Tiny House Competition in Sacramento. The Hort Dept. team included Mushrooms instructor Theresa Halula, student Casey Massman, and department staff assistant Maril M Bull. Theresa Halula represented the department all the way to installation and the week of the show, landing the competitions landscaping prize!


Laney Construction with Merritt’s Theresa Halula on the
weekend of the competition, mid-October 2016


Theresa Halula with Tiny House Landscaping Award


Laney Construction’s The Wedge on display at the Sacramento Competition

A full kitchen

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