The AS degree in Health Sciences will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the Major course requirements and the General Education requirements.

Select at least one course from each of the following four groups, for a minimum of 18 units:

Group 1

BIOL 1A General Biology (5)
BIOL 3  Microbiology (5)
BIOL 10  Introduction to Biology (4)

Group 2

BIOL 2 Human Anatomy (5)
BIOL 4 Human Physiology (5)
BIOL 20A Human Anatomy and Physiology (5)
BIOL 20B Human Anatomy and Physiology (5)
BIOL 24 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology (4)

Group 3

CHEM 1A General Chemistry (5)
CHEM 12A Organic Chemistry (5)
CHEM 30A Introductory General Chemistry (4)

Group 4


HLTED 1 Exploring Health Issues (3)
NUTR 10 Nutrition (4)
NUTR 12 Nutrition and Disease (3) 18 Total Required Units: 18






*Nutr 10 is the same as Biol 31 at Alameda and Biol 28 at Laney; maximum credit: one course.




The Healthcare Interpreter program provides training for bilingual individuals to provide effective healthcare interpreting services. Students completing this certificate will become integral members of the healthcare team in bridging the language and cultural gap between clients and providers. A Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the courses specified below. The Certificate of Proficiency is not indicated on the student’s transcript.

Certificate of Proficiency Requirements:

Dept/No. Title Units
FIRST SEMESTER (Summer Session)
 HLTOC 210  Survey of Healthcare Interpreting .5
HLTOC 211 Interpreting in Health Care I 3
HLTOC 212 Interpreting in Health Care II 6
HLTOC 213 Interpreting in Health Care III .5
HLTOC 214 Occupational Work Experience in Healthcare Interpreting (1-4)     2
Total Required Units: 12