Course Number: FISCI 201
Fire Service Organization
Units: 3
Class: 3 hours lecture (GR or P/NP)
Description: Introduction to fire service organization and careers in the fire protection field: Fire technology and history of fire service, organization and function of public and private protection services, fire department as part of local government, laws, and regulations affecting fire service, fire service nomenclature, specific fire protection, fire loss analysis, basic fire chemistry and physics, introduction to fire strategy and tactics, and Incident Command System.  2133.50

Course Number: FISCI 202
Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
Units: 3
Class: 3 hours lecture (GR or P/NP)
Description: Fundamentals of fire prevention: History and philosophy of fire prevention, organization, and operation of fire prevention organizations, use of fire codes, identification and correction of fire hazards, the relationship of fire prevention to built-in fire protection systems, fire investigation, and fire safety education.  2133.50

Course Number: FISCI 203
Building Construction for Fire Protection
Units: 3
Class: 3 hours lecture (GR or P/NP)
Description: Fundamentals of building construction that relate to fire and life safety: Elements of construction and design of structures as key factors in building inspections, pre-planning of fire operations, and operations at fire and building-collapse emergencies; development and evolution of building and fire codes and study of past fires and building collapses in residential, commercial, and industrial occupancies.  2133.50

Course Number: FISCI 204
Fire Behavior and Combustion
Units: 3
Class: 3 hours lecture (GR or P/NP)
Recommended preparation: Math 250 or 251D or 253
Description: Theory and fundamentals of how and why fires start, spread, and are controlled: In-depth study of fire chemistry and physics, fire characteristics of materials, extinguishing agents, and fire-control techniques.  2133.50

Course Number: FISCI 205
Fire Protection Equipment and Systems
Units: 3
Class: 3 hours lecture (GR or P/NP)
Description: Fundamentals of design and operation of fire detection and alarm systems: Heat and smoke control systems, special protection and sprinkler systems, water supply for fire protection, portable fire extinguishers, and design and installation requirements.  2133.50

Course Number: FISCI 206
Fire Fighter Safety and Public Education
Units: 3
Class: 3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory (GR or P/NP)
Prerequisite: Fisci 201, 202, 203, 204, and 205
Description: Introduction to the use of fire fighting equipment and rescue techniques: Personal protective equipment, lifting, and hoisting equipment, ground ladders, hoses, nozzles, fittings, various rescue techniques; and manipulative training in ropes, ladders, hose, and extrication equipment.  2133.50

Course Number: FISCI 211
Firefighter Academy
Units: 9
Class: 6 hours lecture, 9 hours laboratory, (GR/PNP)
Meets Firefighter I, as well as Rescue Systems, Confined Space, and HAZMAT FRO certification requirements
Description: Manipulative and technical training in the use of firefighting equipment, fire attack procedures, and rescue operations: Hose and ladder evolutions, fire protection systems, basic salvage, and overhaul techniques; forcible entry; wildland, interior, house, and flammable liquid fire-attack procedures; and fire control, ventilation, and extinguishment techniques for various situations. 2133.50
*This course was revised at the 5/913 CIC meeting. The changes are in the title to Firefighter Pre-Academy and course description. It will have to go in catalog with information that was approved by CIC and CIPD in 2012.