Labor Charge

There will be a labor charge of $60/hr to your event. The number of hours of manpower necessary to accomodate your group’s event will determine the total labor charge.

Using Merritt Athletic Facilities

Access to personal trainers, or the Merritt Fitness Center, or other athletic facilities, may be obtained through enrollment for matriculated or non-matriculated courses for as little as $20/semester. Our library is open to the public, but only students may check out materials. Please consult our catalogue or contact Admissions and Records at (510) 436-2478 or (510) 436-2488 to learn more.

Pricing information

For information on obtaining Rental Forms please call (510) 434-3967 or send an e-mail inquiry to

Rental Checklist

A facility rental is complete and authorized when the following steps have been completed:

The Application for Use of Facilities form is completed and signed by an authorized individual from your group and handed in with the $25 application fee (non-refundable).

  1. A $200 security deposit is provided (the security deposit may exceed $200 at the discretion of the Merritt College President in the case of large events).
  2. An original insurance certificate for a minimum of one million dollars in public liability and five hundred thousand dollars in property damage, endorsed to the Peralta District, 333-East 8th Street, Oakland CA 94606, is provided.
  3. Total charges are paid in full within 10 working days of the rental date.


Please note:

During rental time, all college policies and regulations must be observed.

It is expressly forbidden for renters to subcontract to other organizations, groups, or individuals.

Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are prohibited on all Peralta Community College District property and within District facilities.

Request Deadlines

All Application for Use of Facilities forms must be turned in 30 days prior to scheduled use in accordance with Peralta District Board Policy 6.64. Any applications not received within this timeframe will be processed at the discretion of staff and may be denied.


All parking regulations are strictly enforced by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office/Peralta Police Service. Continuing violations of parking regulations by a group may result in cancellation of the group’s rental agreement. Please ask for a parking information brochure for your group’s reference.

Security Services

Police Services are available for emergencies through dialing (510) 466-7236.


Payment must be made in full at least 10 days before your event date. If you are reserving multiple dates, payment must be made 10 days before your first rental date. Payments can be made to the Bursar in Q-215 Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. Be sure to provide a receipt for your file. Payments may be by check or money order. Please include your invoice number.


Please make checks payable to Merritt College. Be sure to indicate the following on your check: 1) the name of your organization; 2) the facility to be used; and 3) the date(s) of the rental (indicate a regular schedule by time span, ex: 9/7/07 – 12/14/07).

Mailing address: Merritt College, Business Office, Merritt Facilities, 12500 Campus Drive, Room Q-214, Oakland, CA 94619

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All fees, except the $25.00 application fee, are 100 percent refundable—unless an event is cancelled less than 10 working days before the scheduled rental time. In such cases, 75 percent of fees, with the exception of the application fee, will be refundable. Refunds will be paid within three weeks after written notification of the cancellation has been provided.

*There is a $25 fee for returned checks.