The charge of the College Facilities Committee is to (1) advise on the development of facilities planning processes and timelines; (2) recommend funding priorities for Building Funds; (3) receive and review facilities proposals from departments, program areas, and/or the District Physical Plant Office; (4) recommend representatives to serve on District facilities committees that impact Merritt facilities; (5) routinely review and monitor campus compliance with ADA and 504 and make recommendations to ensure compliance; (6) recommend procedures and policies affecting facilities and physical environment of the campus; (7) review the State’s Specialization Report and the Five year Master Plan for campus compliance and make recommendations to ensure compliance; (8) establish Subcommittees to assist with the planning for building renovations and remodels; and (9) sponsor facilities orientation workshops for the College community.

Co-Chaired, one of whom must be a faculty member

The College Facilities Committee by-laws are being reviewed and updated and will be posted in the near future.