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Standing Committees

Accreditation Committee


  1. Define characteristics of quality and excellence and present evidence (through the College’s self-study report) that such quality and excellence are being achieved;
  2. Monitor and examine the progress of recommendations made by the accreditation evaluation team. Twice annually, progress reports will be given to the College Council and reflected in the institutional planning process.

Dr. Elmer Bugg, Chair

Financial Aid Petition Committee

Review petitions from students who are not eligible to receive
Financial Aid based upon academic performance.
Alice Freeman, Chair

Graduation Committee

Plan and coordinate all aspects of the College’s annual graduation.
Anthony Powell

Health & Safety Committee


  1. In coordination with District Risk Management, develop a disaster preparedness plan for Merritt
  2. Facilitate disaster preparedness training
  3. Identify health and safety issues for the campus and recommend solutions
  4. Recommend health and safety policies, programs and protocols for the campus
  5. Develop preventive health programs and training for the campus. The Health and Safety Committee makes recommendations to the College Council



The Matriculation Committee is responsible for overseeing the full implementation of the Matriculation process. Major campus policy decisions related to the Matriculation process will be recommended by this Committee and forwarded to the Vice President of Student Services. When appropriate, recommendations with District-wide implications will be forwarded to the District-wide Matriculation Committee for final approval. The Matriculation Committee makes reports to College Council once per semester.

Scholarships & Awards Committee


  1. Review and evaluate applicants for the Peralta Community College District’s Chancellor’s Trophy Award, the Valedictorian and Salutatorian and forwards those named as recommendations to the Vice President of Student Services
  2. Review, evaluate and select the recipients for the annual Associated Students of Merritt College Scholarship Awards.


Shared Governance Committee


  1. Monitor College’s Shared Governance System
  2. Serve as resource and support to College Council, Governance Committees and Standing Committees regarding the shared governance process
  3. Facilitate orientation and training for Governance Committees and Standing Committees (including training on Parliamentary Procedures for committee chairpersons)
  4. Upon request, formulate Bylaws for new Governance Committees
  5. Upon request, formulate charges, membership and governing guidelines for Standing Committees. Recommendations from the Shared Governance Committee go to the College President through the College Council


Staff (Professional) Development Committee


  1. Plan, develop, coordinate, review and evaluate all of the professional development activities that take place at the College
  2. Plan Flex Day activities for scheduled District wide days as well as campus on-going professional development activities
  3. Establish priorities and procedures and make advisory recommendations in each of the following areas: collaborative/special projects, institutional subscriptions and memberships, individual travel and conferences, tuition reimbursement, and unique staff development needs of counselors and librarians
  4. Issue twice yearly report to the College Community and the District Officer of Staff Development: on expenditures, funding priorities, procedures, deadlines, activities, schedules of meetings, attainment of goals, needs assessments, etc
  5. Supervise the sabbatical leave process—conduct workshops, evaluate and approve applications with recommendations to the College President.

Jennifer Shanoski, Chair


Sabbatical proposals for 2014 – 2015 – the following sabbatical proposals were approved by the Peralta Board of Trustees on 5/14/2014


Student Due Process Committee

Hear student appeals of disciplinary decisions rendered by the Vice President and/or Dean of Student Services. (See College Catalog for complete description, policies and procedures.)

Student Grievance Committee


  1. Addresses complaints by a student involving the interpretation, application or alleged violation of District policies and procedures
  2. Address student grievances alleging mistake, fraud, bad faith or incompetence in the academic evaluations of student performance. (See College Catalog for complete description, policies and procedures.)


Student Outreach Committee


  1. Network with Oakland Unified School District and provide college access and information to high school seniors and students interested in the high school concurrent enrollment program
  2. Provide access and information to potential students originating from community-based organizations.

Anthony Powell, Chair