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Natural History & Resources

Natural History & Resources

Natural History is the study of nature, including all of the animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms of the planet and the geology of the environments they inhabit. Every one of the 8 million species on Earth today is a triumphant success story of evolution, an organism inextricably linked to all others. Observation is the key skill you will develop in this field of study as you deepen your understanding of the natural world. Courses are being offered this Spring that will lead to a Certificate of Achievement in Natural History & Resources, which should be active by the Spring of 2020.

In the Natural History & Resources Program, you will…

  • Discover the vast diversity of animals, plants, fungi, and microscopic organisms through courses in botany, ornithology, entomology, herpetology, and more.
  • Learn the principles of biogeography and the interplay between biology and geology.
  • Participate in field trips and field courses around the Bay Area and beyond.
  • Prepare for the following careers: Environmental educator, environmental consultant, habitat restoration technician, parks maintenance technician, ranger, biologist, curatorial assistant, collections manager.

To view the Spring courses available, click HERE, and for steps to apply and/or enroll, click HERE.  For questions, contact NHS Program Director Brad Balukjian at