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Conservation and Resource Management

Conservation and Resource Management

The Conservation and Resource Management track offers students a practical approach to ecological management practices.  Students learn basic concepts of environmental science, are prepared for more specialized coursework, and establish minimum qualifications for entry- level employment. Classes are being offered this Spring for the overall NHS program that will lead to a Certificate of Achievement in Conservation and Resource Management, which should be active by Spring 2020.

In the Conservation and Resource Management Certificate, you will…

  • Build a solid foundation in the principles of ecology, and then learn to apply them to solve environmental problems.
  • Focus on habitat restoration, natural resource conservation and management, water quality and watershed analysis, outdoor education, urban planning, fire management, and vegetation surveys.
  • Participate in field trips and field-based courses to sites around the Bay Area.
  • Prepare for the following careers: Environmental educator, environmental consultant, habitat restoration technician, watershed analyst, parks maintenance technician, ranger, naturalist, ecologist.

To view the Fall courses available, click HERE, and for steps to apply and/or enroll, click HERE.  For questions, contact NHS Program Director Brad Balukjian at