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Microscopy is the art and science of taking accurate, informative and often beautiful images using a microscope. Microscopes enable us to see into a world otherwise hidden from the naked eye. Today’s digital microscopes allow us to see into a world at the farthest edges of our curiosity.  It’s a golden age for microscopy, as fantastic new imaging tools are rapidly developed and implemented in a wide variety of scientific fields, which include biotechnology, biomedical and academic research, forensics, and materials science.

The use of high-end microscopes has boomed in the modern world of biology. The Merritt Microscopy Program trains you in the practice and theory of cutting-edge microscopy.  This gives you access to fulfilling careers in biotech and academic research.

Summer Courses

Students can come the first day to these classes and get add slips. High school students can take these courses! They have to have a concurrent enrollment form completed (Concurrent_Enrollment_Form), but they do NOT need to take the assessment.

Summer Course on Emerging Technologies in Microscopy

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Summer Course on Mammalian Cell Culture: Biosci 7

If you have problems enrolling online for this course, please come to the first day of class anyway — we will help you enroll!

Biosci 7 Flyer Summer 2014


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Microscopy Courses