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Learn about the in-demand field of Histotechnology and the fulfillment of being a histotechnician and using your skills to help doctors diagnose diseases. Click here or on the three-page flyer below to find out more about the program and about the Open Houses coming up on June 23, July 18 and August 4, from 4-7 in the “S” Building, where you can also find out about Merritt’s exciting Microscopy Program. Enrollment for Fall 2017 classes is open now!  Classes start Aug. 21. 

Hello and welcome to the Merritt Microscopy and Histotech Programs.  We are excited to have you join us!

We will not hold Biosci 2 and Biosci 10 in Spring 2017.  However, you may still join the programs by starting with the other courses from the Certificate in Optical Microscopy (Biosci 5, 6, 7, 8, 11).  These courses are also required for the Histotech Program.  You will join in the cohort in progress and be able to start your Histotech specific courses as early as this coming Fall.

So, instead of Biosci 2 and Biosci 10 this Spring, please enroll in Biosci 5, Biosci 6, Biosci 7, Biosci 8 and Biosci 11.  While that may seem like a lot of classes, they are all 1 unit classes, so they only add up to 4.5 units!  The classes meet Monday nights and Saturdays.  We highly recommend that you take them all at once (they are co-requisites to each other and are only offered once a year).  If you have any difficulties in signing up online, just come to class the first night and we’ll assist you in enrolling in the courses.

If you have room for more units, we recommend that you also take Biosci 30 Genomics Theory (this is also a required course for the HIstotech certificate).  If you want to be a Histotechnician and haven’t taken Biology 4, Human Anatomy, yet,  you should also take it this Spring or Summer.

Dr. Gisele Giorgi, Merritt Microscopy Program Director,

Dr. Brian Rowning, Merritt Histotech Program Director,

Click here to see more about the Biosciences at Merritt College on Peralta Matters, the District’s television show hosted by Chancellor Jowel Laguerre.

The Histotechnology program provides on-campus and on-site technical training, focusing on routine tissue sample preparation, special stains and techniques such as immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, fluorescence microscopy and genomics. Training on campus will utilize samples routinely prepared in both clinical and research facilities. As part of their formal training, students of histotechnology will work through study guides provided by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) for its certification examination. Partnerships with local facilities will allow for work experience and internship sites, required for certification of histotechnology graduates, and will provide further training for those interested in research and/or careers in the private sector.

Below is a chart of the progression of the program’s Certificate of Achievement and, following that, the curriculum for the program.

Histo chart - 1-12-14