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First-Year Experience (FYE)  Students Are Motivated to Succeed by Displaying Their Visions to Others

21 May 2018

They want to go San Francisco State and UCLA. They plan to study sociology and psychology. They aspire to be nurses and auto mechanics. For the fourth year, First-Year Experience (FYE) students displayed their visions for the future on presentation boards to their instructors and theirclassmates,this year spreading out in the Student Lounge because the program has grown so much. The assignment, developed by Rosa Perez and Dr. Lilia Chavez, was planned as a way to motivate students to stay in school, which is the goal of FYE, starting with easing their transition through the first year.

“Research shows that if students share their academic goals and career aspirations with others, they are more likely to make a commitment and accomplish them,” says Rosa Perez, who has a co-hort of the 114 students, along with Marty Zielke and Angela Khoo.  “I’m honored to work with such talented students who are eager to study and get far in life. This type of projects fuels me to keep going and keep creating pathways to support their academic success. Our students are amazing, brave, and super resilient.”


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