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Jason Holloway, M.S.

Jason Holloway, M.S.

Dean of Workforce Development and Applied Sciences (Division II)

Jason Holloway was named interim Dean of Mathematics, Science, and Applied Technology at Merritt College in July 2017. He previously served as the co-chair of Math and Physical Sciences. Jason’s goal is to increase the number of minorities who can compete for jobs in STEM fields with the understanding that there are varying levels of math competence needed to be successful in their careers. Because of this, he is committed to reforming the academic pathways from basic math to transfer level math courses, and he has been involved in curriculum development from a ‘student centered’ perspective.

Jason is originally from Toledo, Ohio, and earned a B.A. in mathematics from Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas. After attaining his Master’s Degree, he moved to the Bay Area and worked as an analyst at a consulting firm. It is in Oakland where he taught his first summer pre-calculus course and discovered his love for teaching mathematics.

Jason taught at various community colleges and public high schools in the area, and eventually accepted a tenure track position as a Mathematics instructor at Merritt College. He was involved in several shared governance committees and learning communities, but his primary focus hinged on creating a positive learning experience for the students. After working in this capacity for over ten years, Jason began to reassess and seek out innovative ways to serve the college.

As the college Professional Development Committee Chair, he and the committee organized several FLEX day events which tried to address the issues of the faculty, students, and administration. He also piloted an electronic sign-in system to track faculty professional development obligations.

Jason also served as the coordinator of the Merritt College Strategic Enrollment Management Plan initiation.  His duties included organizing work groups, compiling data, and serving as an intermediary between the college faculty and administration.

Jason coordinated several Peralta College District-wide events connecting the four colleges around curriculum and professional development in mathematics. He is currently coordinating a District-wide summit that will involve up to 16 math, English, counseling, and CTE departments. Ultimately, Jason intends to work on projects that aim to connect processes between systems to strengthen the support that will sustain and empower the students of now and the future.