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Note-taking Services:

DSP works with instructors to find student volunteers, who provide copies of course notes.

Policy Regarding the Approval of Note-taking Services

1. Note-taking services will only be provided to those students whose disability clearly warrants the need for such service.

2. Eligible students MUST attend class regularly.

3. Students requiring a note-taker should follow the steps below:

a. Ask a fellow student if they might be interested in providing this service to you.
b. Provide the instructor with this letter and ask them to make an announcement (a suggested script is on the reverse side).
c. If a note-taker is not found, contact the DSP Staff Assistant in R-109 or phone (510) 436-2429 and explain this.
d. A DSP staff person will personally attend class to recruit a note-taker.

Instructor Directions for Note-takers:

A student in this class has been approved for note-taking services.
This is a confidential matter. Please do not make reference to the specific student requesting this assistance.

At your earliest convenience, we would appreciate you making the following announcement:

“Currently, Merritt College serves approximately 600 students with disabilities. One of your peers requires note-taking services to succeed in this class. As an incentive, you will be paid $25 per unit per semester. Thus, for a 3-unit class you could earn $75 just for sharing the notes you are already taking. You can also choose to volunteer your services to assist your college community. At the semester’s end, Merritt College’s Disability Services and Programs (DSP) will provide you with a letter showing proof and appreciation of your service which can be used to document your work experience on your resume or service on your future 4-year university or scholarship application. If you are interested in being a note-taker, please see me after class so I might review the accuracy of your notes.”
Please check the prospective note taker’s notes for thoroughness and legibility.
If you feel they might be a good candidate please direct them to DSP in R-109.

Thank you for your time and assistance with our students.
DSP Counseling Staff


Notetaker Procedures Information

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