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More Services and Accommodations

6. Service Animals

Service animals must be approved by the Vice President of Student Services and the Disability Services Program Coordinator before the service animal will be permitted on campus.

Contact the DSP Coordinator to make appropriate arrangements. Ron Nelson

[See Peralta Community College District AP-3440]

7. Table/Chair in Classroom:

Tables and chairs may be placed and reserved for students with disabilities in specific classrooms throughout the semester. They are usually placed near the front of the classroom.

Make an appointment to meet with your DSP Counselor to make these arrangements. DSP Office 510-436-2429

8. Tram Services:

Students with mobility needs may make arrangements with their DSP Counselor and the DSP Staff Assistant to be picked up and dropped off at classes. Hours of service may vary each semester.

9. Tutoring Services:

Specialized tutoring services are not offered by DSP because they are offered at the Learning Center in D-187. Students are encouraged to enroll in the Tutoring course LRNRE 501 each semester for these services. There is no fee for this course. Tutors are available for math, English, Child Development and many other areas of study. It is best to seek services early in the semester.

10. Video Captioning:

Captioning is now required for all videos. If you have a video (VHS or DVD) that does not have open-captioning, please contact the Alternate Media Specialist to make arrangements. This process takes time.