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Assessment for Learning Disability Eligibility

Merritt College has an open admissions policy for those students who meet the regular entrance requirements and who have completed testing and evaluation by a Learning Disabilities Specialist, other qualified professional, or agency. It is recommended that students be enrolled in 6 units (at least one academic course) to participate in the program. Our Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of community college students who do not have a 4-year degree. Learning Disabilities Eligibility at the community college does not guarantee eligibility at other institutions or agencies.

Merritt College subscribes to the psychometric-evaluation model established by the California Community College System. The six-step process includes:

1. Intake Screening
2. Measured Achievement
3. Ability Level
4. Processing Deficit(s)
5. Aptitude-Achievement Discrepancy(ies)
6. Eligibility Recommendation

Interested students are evaluated individually through our “Metacognitive Learning I” course (LRNRE 297A) or outside assessment is reviewed for L.D. eligibility. Services and accommodations are based on individual testing results/documentation.

If you suspect that a student may have a learning disability, please refer the student to our Disability Services Program to meet with one of our DSP Counselors. [See Contact Us]

If students suspect that they may have a learning disability, please see one of our Counselors as soon as possible to discuss options. [See Contact Us]

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