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Dreamers Home

Merritt College Stands by
DACA Students
and All Dreamers

Merritt College is dedicated to supporting all students regardless of immigration status and in making our college a safe place. We have committed faculty and staff allies, as well as student allies, who provide services and resources about on-and off-campus programs, events, articles, and more. Merritt College wants students to know that they are not alone! Below you will find supportive resolutions from the District and the Board of Governors offices as well as resources and services, information for faculty and staff, and the latest media news about DACA. 
                                                                           -Dr. Marie-Elaine Burns, Merritt College President

Peralta Colleges Statement in Support of DACA Students
PCCD Resolution in Support of Undocumented Students
Resolution of the Board of Governors
• Faculty & Staff Assistance (UndocuAllies) – list to come
• Peer Support (A.S.P.I.R.A. Advisory Team) – list to come
• Calendar of Events (to come)
List of Bay Area Immigration Services
East Bay Community Law Center – Free Services
Frequently Asked Questions
Preguntas Frecuentes–A Cerca de (DACA)
Law Center for Families: Free legal clinics – (510) 451-9261
Catholic Charities: DACA Clinics, Immigration Resources, (510) 768-3100
Centro Legal de La Raza for Immigrants (510) 437-1554
East Bay Sanctuary Covenant: Support for Immigrants: (510) 540-5296
Educators for Fair Consideration:
• International Institute of the East Bay – Immigration Services: (510) 451-2846
Spanish-Speaking Citizens Foundations: (510) 261-7839
Remembering the Differences
Educational Resource Quick Guide
California Dream Act Map
Top 10 Ways Educators Can Support Undocumented Students
Fact Sheet About Undocumented Students
Toolkit: Resources for Educators

11-14-18 Washington Post
U.S. Government, Citing Ruling, Again Will Accept Requests for DACA Protection
9-14-17 New York Times
Trump’s Support for Law to Protect ‘Dreamers’ Lifts Chances
9-11-17 NBC
California Sues Trump Over Plan to End Aid Dreamers
9-9-17 NYTimes by Jose Antonio Vargas
‘Dreamers’ Put Their Trust in DACA. What Now?
9-5-17 San Jose Mercury News
What’s Next for DACA and the DREAMers They Protected


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