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Committee Members & Membership

(2017-2018 membership to be finalized and posted soon)

Ann Elliott (Faculty, Co-Chair)

Dr. Jeffrey Lamb (VPI, Co-Chair)

Courtney Brown (Faculty)

Maril M Bull (Classified)

Samantha Kessler (Classified, Ex-officio)

Bill Love (Faculty)

Yoseline Ojeda (Student)

Thomas Renbarger (Faculty)

Mario Rivas (Faculty)

Jason Seals (Faculty)

Molly Sealund (Classified)

My Williams (Student)


1. Two (2) Administrators appointed by the College President: one from Instruction and one from
Student Services
2. Six (6) Faculty appointed by the Merritt College Academic Senate two of whom should be non-
institutional faculty. (revised and adopted 12/5/12)
3. Three (3) Classified shall be appointed by the Merritt College Classified Senate. (revised and adopted
4. One (1) or two (2) Students appointed by the ASMC, with the allowance of a proxy vote.
5. Ex-officio members include; College Researcher Officer, Instructional Deans, Dean representing
Student Services.


1. From the membership, one of the Co-chairs will be appointed by the College President.
2. The faculty Co-chair will be elected each year at the 1st meeting in September.
3. If the faculty Co-chair cannot continue in his or her position, a replacement will be elected by a
majority vote of the committee. If the president’s appointed Co-chair cannot continue, then the
president will appoint a replacement.


The role of the co-chairpersons includes the following:
1. Facilitate the functioning of the committee as outlined in the bylaws.
2. Prepare and distribute agendas.
3. Conduct the committee meetings.
4. Edit meeting notes/minutes.
5. Set the calendar of the committee meeting in accordance with the college’s governance calendar.
6. Keep informed of State, local and District issues impacting Merritt College, including and not limited
to the Planning and Evaluation of programs.
7. Supervise the orientation of new members and on-going training of continuing members.
8. Serve as a resource for departments in the planning process.
9. Disseminate minutes.
10. Facilitate the functioning of the committee as outlined in the bylaws.
11. Report regularly to the Academic Senate, Classified Senate and the ASMC and the College Council.