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A FLEX Day Full of Surprises Demonstrates the Balancing of Work and Life Self-Care (See Photos)

15 August 2017

It was definitely not business as usual for Friday’s Fall Flex Day. But by the end of it, the Professional Development Committee had  proven its theme of “Sustaining Work & Life Balance Self-Care” with an agenda of both collegeinformation and fun activities that brought faculty, staff, and administrators together for a meaningful exchange.


The day started with an ice breaker that showed how we all have each other’s back–literally–by offering words of praise behind our backs! The theme went on during the day with surprise visits from Thundie the Thunderbird, along with Mrs. Doubtfire and Goofy (thanks, Ron!), who handed out red noses and had everyone singing along to “Accentuate the Positive.”


The balance of work came in between and built on the theme with a message from Dr. Burns about what makes us a community, including supporting each other and smiling! Her comprehensive PowerPoint presentation showed all of the recent accomplishments of the college, along with some great photos, and showed how we are all working together toward a common goal.


Reports followed from the Faculty Senate, Classified Senate, and PFT, along with updates on Accreditation and SLOs. After a tasty lunch, Division and Departments met, and at the end of the day new faculty members attended an orientation by Dr. Mario Rivas, Dettie DelRosario, Frances Moy, and Jason Holloway.


A big thanks to the PDC, led by Tom Renbarger, for an uplifting, positive agenda that definitely met its objective. Committee members, along with Tom, are Dr. Lilia Chavez, Jason Holloway, Reagan Pruitt, Dr. Jeff Lamb, Dr. Mary Denise Jackson, Margie Rubio, Maria Perez, and Samantha Kessler.

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