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An Enthusiastic Welcome from “Thundy” for New and Returning Students!

23 August 2017

(PHOTOS) Welcome Week at Merritt got off to a great start with the introduction of Thundy the Thunderbird, who participated in activities and greeted the students, and WILD 94.9 deejays who brought their equipment and their enthusiasm to celebrate the beginning of the fall semester.


ASMC planned a great week of lunch-time themed activities – Monday sandwiches,  Tuesday pizza, Wednesday Asian fare, and Thursday soul food. During the day students gathered around the campus picking up information and snacks and meeting old friends and making new ones. A visit from WILD 94.9 deejays playing music and photographing students for the station was a highlight of the week and drew lots of students and even President Burns who paired up with Thundy for a dance!


Thanks to ASMC and Dr. Herbert Kitchen, Director of Student Activities and Campus Life, for providing this lively welcome to students.


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