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Spring Students Welcomed with Fun Activities and Great Service!

26 January 2018

(SEE SLIDE SHOW)  WOW! It really was a Week of Welcome offered to both new and current students as ASMC pulled out all the stops to let them know they were an important addition to Merritt College, and Student Services helped them get a great start. Since the way to a student’s heart is usually with food, the students had a very satisfying first week. They quickly found their way to the taco truck where they enjoyed a free lunch, stood in line for unlimited pizza, and enjoyed bbq ribs, chicken, and macaroni and cheese served by ASMC students and staff. In between the activities, they were attending their new classes and getting all the help they needed from all Student Services departments, including Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, and the Welcome Center. Many students attended the Homecoming Basketball Games where President Burns, faculty, staff, and administrators–and Chancellor Laguerre–were there to cheer on both the Thunderbirds and all Merritt’s students. Thanks to Student Activities Director Dr. Herbert Kitchen and the ASMC and ICC teams and to Vice President of Student Services Christine Hernandez and her staff for making all students feel welcome and super-charged to start the semester!

                                                                                                                                                –Susan May


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