Programs Associate Degree for Transfer Associate Degree Certificate of Achievement Certificate of Proficiency (CP) Noncredit Certificate of Competency (CP1) Noncredit  Certificate of Completion (CP2) Noncredit  Certificate of  Accomplishment (CP3)
Administration of Justice:
Administration of Justice AS-T
Homeland Security CA
African-American Studies AA
Anthropology AA-T AA
Art: CA
Art Foundation
Botanical Illustration CP
Ceramics CP
Biology: CA
Natural History and Resources
Bioscience: CA
Fluorescence Bioscience Microscopy
Histotechnician CA
Optical Microscopy CA
Accounting AA CA
Administration AA
Administration 2 .0 AS-T
Management CA
Digital Marketing CA
Entrepreneurship CP
Human Resource Management CP
Retail Management CP
Child Development: Assistant Teacher CP
Associate Teacher CP
Child Development AA
Early Childhood Education AS-T
Family Child Care Provider CP
Infant/Toddler Specialist CP
Introduction to Early Childhood CP2
Education for Child Care Providers
Introduction to Infant/Toddler Care CP2
Teacher CA
Transitional Kindergarten CA
Communication: Communication Studies AA-T
Community Social Services: AA CA
Community Social Services/ Substance Abuse
Computer Information Systems: Applications Security AS CA
Computer Project Management CA
Computer Science and Information Systems Career Readiness CP2
Infrastructure Security AS CA
Computer Science AS CA
Economics AA-T AA
Educational Technology: CP
Online Teaching and Course Design
English for Speakers of Other Languages: Bridge to Credit ESOL CP1
Environmental Management and Technology: CA
Conservation and Resource
Urban Agroecology CA
Fire Science: Chief Fire Officer CA
Fire Officer CA
Fire Technology AS CA
Health Professions and Occupations: CA
Health Navigator
Health Sciences AS
Landscape Horticulture: Arboriculture AS
Basic Cannabis Horticulture CA
Basic Landscape Horticulture CA
Intermediate Landscape and  Parks Maintenance CA
Intermediate Nursery Management CA
Landscape Architecture AA
Landscape Design and Construction Specialist AS
Landscape and Parks Maintenance Specialist AS
Nursery Management Specialist AS
Tree Care Specialist CA
Tree Climber Specialist CA
Learning Resources: CP CP3
Basic Employability Preparation
Liberal Arts: CSU GE Breadth CA
Liberal Arts:  IGETC CA
Liberal Arts: Arts and Humanities AA
Liberal Arts: Cross-Cultural Studies AA
Library Information Studies: Research Skills CP1
Mathematics AS-T AS
Medical Assisting: CA
Administrative Medical Assisting
Clinical Medical Assisting CA
Natural Sciences AS
Nursing AS
Nutrition and Dietetics: CA
Dietary Manager
(Dietetic Service Supervisor)
Dietetic Technology AS
Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T
Paralegal Studies AA
Psychology AA-T
Radiologic Science AS CA
(The Certificate is available only to those already awarded an Associate degree or higher)
Real Estate AA CA
Social and Behavioral Sciences AA
Sociology AA-T