Egbert R. Higinio has taught at the high school level in Belize, Oakland, Tracy and San Jose cities. Now he teaches and lectures in English composition, comparative literature, logic, critical thinking and introduction to philosophy at institutions such as San Jose Evergreen Valley College, Los Angeles City College and San Jose State University. He enjoys applying critical theory to literature readings and topical concepts such as racism, justice, immigration, poverty and liberation theology. He has attended literature and philosophical international conferences where he published and presented controversial pieces including “The Caribbean: Mimicry, Imitation, or Mimesis through the poetry of Derek Walcott,” “Ecotourism Gone Awry (in Belize),” “The Phenomena of the Anglo-Guatemalan-Belize (territorial) Claim”, and a review on “Afro-Belizeans of Los Angeles”. Presently he is collaborating on documentaries, and on topics that utilizes the literary tools of deconstruction and hermeneutics. He is passionate about students learning the fundamentals of academic research, so that they recognize the importance of intellectual productivity and their contribution to the academic community.   He is a cultural activist and his hobbies are: reading, soccer, travelling, gardening and beekeeping.  Egbert earned his BA in English Literature from University of Belize and continued these studies in Comparative Literature at San Jose State University from which he obtained his MA degree in philosophy.