Dean of Workforce Development and Applied Sciences (Division II)

As a Bay Area resident since 2000, Jason Holloway began his educational career as a Math instructor after receiving an MS in Applied Mathematics at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. He has always been dedicated to student success and persisted to make the math discipline accessible for all students. In 2017, Jason transitioned to administration and became the Dean of Math, Science, and Applied Technology at Merritt College. While his role has changed, his passion for serving students has not waivered.
Dean Holloway currently serves as an administrative lead for the Guided Pathways initiative started in 2018, whose primary focus is to assist students to choose a career and educational pathways of interest, and providing the support for the student to achieve their goals of employment in living wage careers or continuing their educational journeys through transfer institutions.
Through career education, incoming students have the opportunity to compete for internships and be considered for employment in living wage fields in two years. He oversees the Computer Information Systems / Computer Science, Real Estate, Business, Landscape Horticulture, Natural History, and Sustainability programs at Merritt.
Dean Holloway is committed to ensure that African American and other underrepresented students are able to successfully complete their educational journeys. He works with the African American Male Achievement Program and ESO Ventures to ensure that African-American and Latin students are able to successfully realize their career goals. With this in mind, Dean Holloway is committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of race or ethnicity, feel welcomed, are valued, and proud to be part of the Merritt Community.