Women’s Basketball Player Inducted into Hall of Fame


CCAA logoFred Brown, coach of the Merritt Women’s Basketball Program, is proud to announce at that its sixth player/coach has been chosen to go into the state’s California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Audrey (Moore) Jones, who played for Merritt between 1986 and 1988, will be inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame with three others at the Banquet of Champions at the State Tournament on March 10, to be held at the Double Tree in Pleasanton.

Audrey is a 1986 graduate of McClymonds High School in Oakland, attended Merritt from 1986-88, and went on to graduate from Oregon State University in 1991. She is one of 13 children and the first to graduate from a four-year university. As an athlete at Merritt, she played both point guard and off guard on two championship teams, according to Merritt Women’s Basketball Coach Fred Brown, who nominated her and was inducted into the Hall of Fame himself in 1998.

“She hit a game-winning “3” to put Merritt in the State Final 8 at ARC,” he says, “and she was a major factor in leading Merritt to a 51-17 record and two championships in two different conferences and to the State Finals.” Also, he adds, as outstanding as Audrey was on the court, she was just as outstanding in the classroom. “She has continued her passion for helping others and has a full-time job working in probation in the Sacramento area while raising two children with her husband.”

The five existing Merritt players/coaches in the Hall of Fame are Yasmin Gray and Tidra Hardy, 1996; Fred Brown, 1998; Inga Marciulionis, 1999; and Jurate Zukauskaite, 2002.