Tony Hampton Honored as Outstanding Employee; See Video and Colleagues’ Praises

Tony Hampton Honored as Outstanding Employee; See Video and Colleagues’ Praises
As part of the Peralta Community College District’s video series on outstanding employees, our own Tony Hampton was interviewed by Chancellor Jowel Laguerre about his stellar work as Network Support Service Specialist at Merritt (click on photo). Tasked with supporting the growing number of Smart Classrooms, he works behind the scenes to make sure technology works to support learning at Merritt College. Dr. Laguerre talked to Tony in the high-tech Barbara Lee Science and Allied Health Center where the largest number of Smart Classrooms are housed.


As soon as the video was made public, the Merritt community chimed in with their own praise. Here are some samples…


• Tony, this is a well-deserved honor. Merritt College appreciates all you do for us! –Dr. Marie-Elaine Burns


• Sweet!  I think Tony deserves a big raise! – Jennifer Yates

• Tony is GOOD PEOPLE, and an excellent friend. He has been there for me, through thick and thin, both here at work and away from work. I thank you Tony for being with me at my finest, and worst in my life.Tony helped me get through a very difficult time two years ago, and for that, I am eternally grateful!  –Lee Peevy


Yes, definitely GOOD PEOPLE! Thanks for everything you do Tony! — Jason Holloway

• This is well deserved recognition for someone who works to hard and has an invariably positive attitude. Tony, you’re the best!  — Ann Elliott


• Yeah Tony!  Making the Merritt world go ’round! 🙂 — Rachel Maier

• Tony Hampton is awesome!  Thank you, Tony, for everything you do to make the Nursing Dept and Merritt College technologically sound! — Megan Sary Talbot

• Well deserved! Thank you Tony for all you do! — Inga Marciulionis


• Yes, yes, yes! Much well-deserved kudos to our wonderful Tony who does so much for our college each and every day!  — Mario Rivas


• Tony has always I appreciate everything you do for Division I and for Merritt. You always go the extra mile,  keeping us up and running across this busy campus. Congratulations on the acknowledgement!! — Denise Woodward


• Indeed! – on behalf of Landscape Horticulture, I attest that Tony is a gem. Tony has a LOT on his plate, especially these days, but he’s nevertheless been continually and immediately responsive in doing all he can to solve the mysterious and lengthy internet/phone connection outages impacting the entire LANHT facility these last few weeks. Amazing perseverance in this perplexing situation, even maintaining a pleasant demeanor throughout. How does he do it? Thank you, Tony! — Maril Bull


• Tony has been a solid rock to me and our students since he arrived. I appreciate everything you have done for all of us. 🙂 –Barbara Dimopoulos