Power Outage Update from President for Thursday, Dec. 22

Power Outage Update from President for Thursday, Dec. 22

 To Merritt Community: ,

     On Wednesday 12/21 after replacing the parts needing repair, one of the parts was found to be defective.  The new part was ordered and  arrives tomorrow, Thursday, 12/22,by 10 a.m.  It should be installed by 11 a.m.  PG&E will be called back to review the situation and turn on the power.  Power should be restored to the campus by 1 p.m.

     Therefore, some employees will receive an email from their manager informing the employee to meet them at the District office for work tomorrow morning.  Those who do not receive an email from their manager should check their emails at about 11:30 a.m. to find out if they should come to the Merritt campus at 1 p.m. for work Thursday or not.

    On another note, payroll checks (for those employees who do not automatically deposit) will be available for pick up from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. in the Science Building, 3rd floor, middle seating area.

Dr. Dettie Del Rosario will be there to assist you.

     Again, thank you for your patience during this unique challenge.

Dr. Marie-Elaine Burns
Interim President


To Merritt Community – The parts arrived a little late and are being installed now.  However, the College will not have power until after 2pm.  Please do not come to campus this afternoon.  I will email later this evening regarding tomorrow.

 Thank you, Marie-Elaine


To Merritt College Community from Interim President Marie-Elaine Burns: After the storm last Thursday, the vault where electrical power switches are stored was flooded.  The electrical company that the District employs does not work on weekends.  Therefore, College and District staff worked over the weekend to drain and/or pump the water out and then attempted to dry the electrical conduit.  Thank you all who worked over the weekend to move this tremendous project forward.


  On Monday, the electrical company brought in the appropriate equipment to continue the drying process.   Some of the switch gears and fuses have to be replaced.


   In the meantime, diesel was supplied to the emergency generators, men’s basketball has been collaborating  with and is being played at Laney College, and the cell phone tower companies – AT&T and T-Mobile are running their generators to power the cell towers separately.


   Today parts are being sent from Oregon to the College by 10am tomorrow morning.  The hope is that PG&E will have the power on by 12 noon on tomorrow, Wednesday. (I may have omitted some details, but what I have written is the gist or overview).


Therefore, please be prepared to return to work tomorrow, Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 1pm.  Check the webpage, your email or call your supervisor or supervisor’s assistant to make certain that Merritt is open at 1pm. 


   This is a unique situation and we must take one day at a time.  Nothing is guaranteed, the parts might be delayed, other issues may arise, but for now we are hopeful that tomorrow afternoon the College will have full power.


   I will keep you informed on new updates.  Thank you all for your patience and positive thoughts.


 (Until the Merritt campus is opened, student questions regarding registration and financial aid can be answered by the District Office Admissions & Records at 510-466-7368, located at 333 8th Street, down  the street from Laney College.)