Summer Camp

As the summer approaches and you see middle school-size kids in labs gardens, and classrooms, don’t be worried – it’s just another year of the exciting Kids College. For the 7th year, Merritt is bringing back this fun and educational program that combines experiencing fun summertime activities in the Oakland Hills with exploring college and careers on a real campus. The camp will be held Mondays-Fridays, June 12 to June 23, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., for only $200.


It’s never too early for 6th to 9th graders to think about their future and learn about the steps to college while they are actually experiencing what lies ahead for them—but in a fun way. Thanks to the generous participating faculty and staff, the camp’s popularity has grown each year as new hands-on experiences have been offered.


Campers will get their hands dirty learning gardening techniques (Landscape Horticulture), discovering CSI secrets while peering through microscopes (Microscopy), contemplating a career in law enforcement (Administration of Justice), studying computers (CIS), finding out the healthiest foods to eat (Nutrition); and learning about entering the medical field (Nursing). This year they will also participate in a Math Jam and learn to make ceramics, along with playing sports to release some of that young energy!


“It’s a great opportunity for the campers to try out different activities that may give them ideas about future careers just as they are beginning to think about college,” says Dean Siri Brown, whose Division is coordinating the camp. “We’re lucky at Merritt to have such great programs for the students to participate in and instructorswho are willing to give their time.”


For more information and to download a Registration Packet, go to, or contact Camp Coordinator Ne’Shawn Dixon at (510) 434-3939 or at

List of individuals that help to make Kids College a success with their workshops
  • Margaret Dixon- Adjus
  • Sean Gascie – Fire Science
  • Laura Cooper-Chemistry
  • Brian Rowning –Microscopy
  • Mary Zernicke –Nutrition
  • Elaine Wallace- CSI
  • Chelsea Kubischta- Counselor( Road to College)
  • Eric Hansen- Music
Private Vendors
  • Kenneth Pitts – Capoeira Presentation- Pitts Martial Arts Academy
  • Janina Roberts-Art
Student Workers( Counselors)
  • Brianna Brown
  • Ruqaiyah Gilchrist
  • Austin Cook
  • Edyuedly Orozco