Sankofa Program Opens Its Doors to Great Praise
Sankofa, the newest student support service at Merritt College, got a big round of applause and lots of kudos from the speakers at its Grand Opening Celebration on May 12. The primary focus of the program is on the achievement of African-American students, but Sankofa’s services are open to all students who can use the extra nurturing needed to be successful. With an emphasis on English, math, science, and technology, Sankofa will assist students in SEPs, course selection, personal concerns, and connections to other support services on campus.

“We are giving students the power to successfully get through their education and enter their career path,” said Mario Rivas, new Faculty Senate president.

The program is coord

The program is coordinated by Debra Jacks and Dr. Audrey Trotter. For more info, call (510) 464-3958 or go to R-106F.