Puente Club Impresses Visiting Team With Their Activities

As part of the ACCJC Visiting Teams on-site evaluation, two team members met with the Puente Club, along with their advisor Isela Santana. Dr. Erin Vines of Antelope Valley College and Dr. Aeron Zentner of Coastline Community College were impressed with the activities of the large group of students, many who also have dual memberships in other prestigious campus groups including Associated Students of Merritt College (ASMC), Student Ambassadors, and Phi Theta Kappa.

Soledad Martinez, ASMC Senator and Puente Vice President, gives a recap of the meeting: “The ASMC had a meeting with the Accreditation team members yesterday, and they were really happy to hear the student voice. In our meeting we talked about the different clubs we have on campus, and one that got their attention was Puente. On Wednesday afternoon they came to the Student Activities office asking where Puente was holding its Wednesday meeting and we guided them to our meeting. In the meeting they asked each student for their major and what was their educational goal. At the end of the meeting Puente members asked them if they had any questions and their response was “No, we are really satisfied with what we have seen so far, and thanks for the Student Government members who were able to answer all our questions. We feel that you guys have a very supportive staff here at Merritt that helps all students with their needs, and that the Student Body is cohesive and very united.”


Puente with Visiting Team