Former Merritt Track Star Heads to Olympics—and Takes His Coach With Him; Watch on August 14

Former Merritt Track Star Heads to Olympics—and Takes His Coach With Him; Watch on August 14

015_20140429_Merritt_IMG_3220-420x630For the last six weeks, in a small space in my kitchen, I have been hosting the fastest man in the world.” That’s what Track & Field Coach Brock Drazen wrote in his inspirational article, “Living with an Olympian” about his dream for the 2014 Merritt track star who is now at the Olympics preparing to compete in the 100m sprint on August 13—and will hopefully achieve that goal!


As a Merritt sophomore in May of 2014, Kemarley became the USA’s national community college record holder by running the 100m in 9.93 seconds in the CCCAA State Championship, the 3rd fastest wind legal time in history for all colleges in the United States. In 2014 he was named California Community College Athlete of the Year (and four days later received his AA Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences).


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“There was rarely a week that went by where he didn’t talk about his dream of the Olympics,” writes Coach Drazen in his article. “It was an incredible two years and, in a second season that didn’t include a single loss in any individual race, a storybook finish athletically and academically.”


That accomplishment, and others successes he achieved after returning to his Jamaica home, has led Brown to the Olympics, where he will represent the country of Bahrain, accompanied by Coach Drazen, who he asked to train with him for six weeks prior to the big event.


“Kemarley says everyone should dream big because dreams are free,” says Coach Drazen. “For those six weeks, living inside his dream has been priceless.”


Photos: Above: Kemarley Brown in 2014;  Coach Brock Drazen with Kemarley Brown training on Merritt’s track before heading to the Olympics. Below:  2013-14 Track & Field  Team (Kemarley third from left)

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