How Do We Change Lives?

We Change Lives?
Tell Us How!

While Merritt College has a longtime slogan, “We Change Lives,” I’ve always thought it begged the question, “How?”

Wouldn’t it be great, I’ve thought, if we could have a link on the homepage called, “How We’ve Changed Lives,” with a few sentences and a photo from alumni (and currrent students) who could tell us where they are now and how Merritt helped them get there?

While it seems a daunting task to do for the entire college, I’d like to start small and grow with your help.

I proposed the idea at a recent CTE focus group and everyone thought it was a great idea. But Jennifer Yates in Radiologic Science actually went back and wrote to her alumni. The result is a link I put on her website called Student Testimonials which I add to every time she sends me another one. Check it out!

Email me if you’d  like to participate ( Testimonials are a great way to market your program