Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity to Experience the California Condor in Nature; Enroll in BIO 80D

0001 7(CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS) With a wingspan of up to 10 feet, the California condor is  the largest flying  bird in North America and has been on the extinction list for decades. Now you have the opportunity to learn all about this fascinating bird and visit the area where they are mostly likely to be seen by taking Ron Felzer’s, 6-session class, “Ecology of the California  Condor,” Biology 80D (#24985).  It’s rare chance to earn science credit while experiencing nature in a way that most others will not.  The class starts on February 18. If you are interested, please register NOW to assure that the class has enough enrollment to go. Register at If you have any questions, contact the instructor at He is a long-time teacher and naturalist with decades of information to share with you.