Dive Head-First Into Marine Biology (BIOL 9) and Learn How Sharks and Other Sea Creatures Thrive. Enroll TODAY!

<h2>Dive Head-First Into Marine Biology (BIOL 9) and Learn How Sharks and Other Sea Creatures Thrive. Enroll TODAY!</h2>

The ocean can be many things to many different people. Beneath its waters lies a world of creatures who seem both terrifying and mysterious at the same time. In this marine biology class, we will dive into this world head-first. Please note, you will not be scuba certified in this course. Starting with the importance of studying marine life and the basic properties of the ocean floor, we will move along to the various types of organisms found in the ocean and their unique adaptions, before finally settling on the ecological impacts that us humans have had on the ocean. Through various field trips to aquariums, tide pools, and other coastal areas, you will experience the joy of witnessing marine life both as curious onlookers and as scientists. For those of you interested in more marine life, this course can be the turning point on your road to more advanced degrees in marine biology or similar fields. This class is CSU and UC transferable. 

Enroll today at www.merritt.edu/steps. Find out about all the courses in the new Natural History & Sustainability courses by going to www.merritt.edu/nhs or clicking HERE. For questions, contact Program Director Brad Balukjian at bbalukjian@peralta.edu


Instructor Analisa Brown is part professor, part travel lover, and on a quest to introduce students to the joys of marine life. Indeed it was through television where she first fell in love with the ocean and the organisms that lived therein. Shortly after graduating with her bachelor’s, Analisa fulfilled her life’s goal of going to South Africa to study Great White Sharks. After achieving such success early in her career, Analisa decided to encourage students to shoot for their dreams and goals by succeeding in higher education. Along with teaching at Merritt College, Analisa also is a biology professor at Diablo Valley Community College. She has a bachelor’s degree in marine biology and a masters in biology.